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Lavender Ghee

Lavender Ghee

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Lavender Ghee is made with pure, high-quality US Grade AA fresh sweet cream butter infused with fragrant lavender buds. This harmonious blend combines the rich, nutty notes of ghee with the delicate floral aroma of lavender, creating a culinary experience that's both soothing and delightful.

Lavender Ghee is perfect for those seeking a unique flavor profile that adds a touch of elegance to any dish:

  • Use Lavender Ghee as a finishing touch for dishes like grilled vegetables, seafood, or risotto for a subtle floral aroma.
  • Spread on warm bread, scones, or muffins for a luxurious and aromatic twist.
  • Add a dollop of Lavender Ghee to your morning oatmeal or yogurt for a calming start to your day.
  • Stir a spoonful of Lavender Bliss Ghee into hot tea or coffee for a soothing and aromatic beverage.
  • Incorporate Lavender Ghee into desserts such as cookies, cakes, or pancakes for a unique floral flavor.
  • Incorporate Lavender Ghee into marinades for poultry or tofu to impart a subtle floral note before grilling or baking.
  • Drizzle melted Lavender Bliss Ghee over popcorn or roasted nuts for a gourmet snack.
  • Melt Lavender Bliss Ghee and use it as a dip for fresh fruit or as a topping for ice cream.
  • Utilize it as a cooking fat for sautéing, baking, or roasting vegetables, meats, or seafood to infuse your recipes with a delicate lavender essence.
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