About Us

At Zaikadelic Ghee, we are on a mission to bridge cultures and bring the timeless tradition of ghee from our home to your modern kitchen. Our journey begins with a deep respect for ghee as not just a cooking ingredient but as a cherished piece of heritage and culture.

One of our dearest childhood memories is the Sunday ritual of Mom preparing ghee at home. Each day, she would diligently set aside the cream skimmed from the milk until she had collected enough to churn into butter and craft our homemade ghee.  The ethereal aroma of ghee with its intoxicating richness would gracefully drift through every corner of our home, leaving an indelible imprint on our senses. Even today, it transports us back to those cherished moments, evoking the comforting presence of mom and grandma in our hearts. We wish to share this comforting goodness with the world. 

Our Mission is threefold:

  1. Quality and Flavor: We are committed to delivering the finest quality ghee, slow-cooked in small batches using traditional recipes and quality ingredients. Our unique flavors add a modern twist while keeping the essence of our mother's and grandmother's traditional cooking intact. It's our way of enhancing every meal.
  2. Tradition and Culture: Growing up ghee in our homes, we understand the cultural significance it holds. Ghee is not just food; it's an emotion, a treasure. Our goal is to share this beautiful ancient history with our new home, creating a confluence of two cultures through our products.
  3. Health and Wellness: Ghee isn't just a cooking fat; it's a nutritional powerhouse. We want to educate and introduce people to the many benefits of ghee, both for taste and health.

Thank you for joining us on this GHEElicious journey. We invite you to explore our range of ghee products, discover new recipes and uses, and be a part of our Zaikadelic Ghee family. Your health and your taste buds will thank you.