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Jalapeño Ghee

Jalapeño Ghee

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Zaikadelic Jalapeño Ghee is premium ghee made with pure, high-quality US Grade AA fresh sweet cream butter and infused with fresh jalapeños. This combination of nutty and sweet caramelized flavors with a spicy kick from jalapeño is unbeatable and will leave you craving for more. The jalapeño gives ghee a mild-medium heat that will add a unique flavor to your dishes.

Zaikadelic Jalapeño Ghee is a super versatile ingredient:

  • Use Jalapeño Ghee as a finishing butter for your steaks, salmon, chicken, grilled veggies for a hint of heat.
  • Spread on toast, bagels, sandwiches or wraps for a sweet and slightly spicy,  buttery kick.
  • Use it as a cooking fat for sautéing, frying and roasting vegetables, meats, or seafood for a mild spicy twist to your dishes.
  • Drizzle melted jalapeño ghee over popcorn for a spicy, savory snack.
  • Incorporate jalapeño ghee into recipes like quesadillas, enchiladas, or fajitas for an extra kick.
  • Add a dollop of jalapeño ghee to your scrambled eggs for a spicy and flavorful breakfast.
  • Melt jalapeño ghee and use it as a dip for bread or grilled shrimp.
  • Incorporate jalapeño ghee into marinades for meats or tofu to infuse them with flavor before grilling or roasting
  • Add a spoonful of jalapeño ghee to soups or stews for a burst of flavor.
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